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A little about me.

I am an Artist through and through.
My first Drawing of Bailey.

My first Drawing of Bailey.

 For as long as I can remember, I have been doing art.

Coming from a long line of artists in my family, it is only natural that I too have the gene to create the need to design and draw, the urge to sculpt and paint.

 I am so much in my element  when I am in my studio working on my latest project and listening to music.

I tend to get very excited when I have a  new idea in my head. So much so that I often have sleepless nights dreaming up new ideas and projects to tackle.


 I myself have been accompanied by my 4 fur babies so far.

I know what it is to be loved unconditionally by my Dogs.

Also know what it means to hurt by the loss of your dogs.

 I started Drawing pets way back in the day after losing my beloved Bull mastiff, Big Bad Bailey.  He was gorgeous and all of his 160 lbs would try to sit on my lap on the couch. That was quite a site.  But losing him to cancer was difficult to say the least.

 I wanted something to remember him by so I looked for someone to do a portrait for me.

I had never done one so didn't know I could do them. I felt I was not good enough, but with looking for someone, I realized why not try to do one myself.

Well I was a little rusty, but with practice I was able to do a nice job and that is how I started my hobby.

 Now with many years under my belt, I have been able to achieve world wide recognition. I plan on continuing this trip of a life time.

 It is so true what people say, The best job is one you are passionate about and love doing.  Well I have finally found mine.

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